Where to eat in Tulum – Pasta night at Pandano Restaurant

📍 Pandano Tulum at the Jashita Hotel, Soliman Bay, Tulum

Ready for some mouthwatering pasta at the most gorgeous beach front restaurant in Tulum?

Both times we’ve been to Tulum we’ve stayed at the Jashita Hotel on Soliman Bay. It’s just spectacular! The hotel itself is so beautiful, the staff are so friendly and welcoming, the food is some of the best in Tulum and the location is to die for. Now pasta night at Pandano is a big deal – all the pasta is fresh and hand made and with 14 different pastas to choose from, including ones with beautiful fresh caught fish and seafood and great vegetarian options there is bound to be something for everyone!

My go to is the homemade Tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes and basil with large fettuccine with fresh tomatoes and basil served with parmesan. It’s so simple and perfectly done every time I’ve had it. Super fresh and sweet tomatoes, butter soft onions and perfectly cooked al dente pasta. I’ve ordered it for lunch and for dinner, and it’s been fantastic at all times of the day. Whether you’re shielding from the hot midday sun with a glass of rosé or taking in the beautiful sunset views over the bay in the evening with a cocktail I couldn’t recommend the pasta here more.

The homemade fettuccine with roasted duck Ragout which is slow cooked for four hours 4 hours is also just gorgeous. Beautifully rich, full of flavour and the duck is so tender it pairs perfectly with the pasta and coats every strand. I can also recommend the homemade spinach tagliatelle with salmon besciamella, butter and parmesan. Again, super fresh pink flaky salmon, with beautiful hand made spinach pasta cooked perfectly al dente with a rich creamy sauce.

Fancy some cocktails to sip while the sun sets? The Margaritas and Caipirinas are fantastic here, or perhaps a full to the brim creamy Coco Loco or my favourite the Pandano Night, ice blended with Tequila, pineapple juice, coco cream and strawberries.

Pandano Tulum is a delight on any evening, and with one of the most gorgeous outlooks over Soliman bay and the friendliest of staff why would you not visit if you’re coming to Tulum! You won’t be disappointed!