How to spend a day at Jashita Tulum

📍 Jashita Hotel, Soliman Bay, Tulum, Mexico

We were absolutely thrilled to come back and stay at the Jashita Hotel in Tulum. We first visited in 2019 and loved it so much we knew we had to return. We found ourselves booking flights on a very hot summer evening here in London, reminiscing about all the fantastic experiences we had whilst we were in Tulum, all the the things we wanted to do this time, places we wanted to explore, the fantastic food we wanted to eat and remembering all the amazing times we had at the hotel during our stay.

So what does a day at the Jashita Hotel look like?

You wake up to the most beautiful morning view looking out over the Caribbean Ocean. We were waking up early, around 6am because of the jet lag, but waking up to this view every morning made me so happy, and thankful to be there experiencing such beautiful scenes I wasn’t even bothered about the early start! The birds will be singing and the waves will be calling you downstairs to the ocean.

Why not start with a big breakfast while the sun comes up. At the Pandano waterfront restaurant in the hotel, breakfast is served from 8AM-10AM. They offer the most delicious breakfasts! First start with the homemade bread and croissants – these come fresh and warm, served with butter and pots of homemade fruit jams and honey. Shortly followed by your choices of fresh fruit and yogurt with homemade granola. We always tended to have the same fruit every morning – I leaned towards Watermelon and Mango, an absolutely delicious combo. The mango in Mexico is so soft and sweet, I’ve yet to compare it to any mango I’ve eaten here in the UK. Then comes your choice of hot meals – think Huevos Rancheros, Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Enchiladas, eggs cooked however you’d like with crispy bacon, pancakes, the list goes on. All washed down with coffees and teas of your choice and the most delicious hot chocolate!

With full bellies you can retire to the pool. Here you’ll be greeted by big four posted beds with sun canopies, white crochet swinging hammocks and seriously soft squishy sunbeds. Take your time to bask in the warm morning breeze and catch up on your news and with your families. Dip your toes in to the beautiful pool, or lounge on the steps in the sunshine whilst the wind blows through the palm trees.

When 1pm hits – head up to the hotels rooftop for Sangria Hour! Take in the 360° panoramic views of Soliman Bay and the Tulum jungle behind you. Sip on the FREE fruity sangria for the hour and have another dip in the cool tranquility pool looking out over the Caribbean, catch some rays on the sunbeds or take shelter in the shade on the loungers.

It’ll be lunchtime before you know it and you’ll be ready for some gorgeous food and cocktails! Browse the extensive menu and find what you fancy! Whether it be fresh Ceviche, a salad, homemade pasta, tacos or a burger you’re in for a treat! The burger was one of my favourites for lunch from the menu, served medium-well, a big juicy beef patty, crispy bacon, gorgeously rich melted cheese and fresh salad served with the crispiest fluffiest chips. We even shared this between us some days when we’d had a bigger breakfast! Take some time to relax in the restaurant with the breeze blowing through and sip your cocktails – the Pandano Night pictured here.

Time to head down to the beach and take shelter from that mid afternoon sun. Take some pictures on the sandy shores, and dip your toes in the warm ocean. If you’re feeling adventurous why not grab a kayak and paddle out, or grab a snorkel and venture out on to the reef in search of colourful fish and rays! Something a little more relaxing? Take a walk down the bay in the shade of the palm trees or relax on the loungers under the umbrellas and have a snooze – then order yourself a Margarita from the beach bar when you wake as a treat!

Before you know it the sun will be setting and you’ll be heading down to the Pandano Restaurant for dinner. Is it BBQ night or Pasta night? Both are fantastic. You’ll find gorgeously fresh homemade pasta, or big cuts of steak cooked on an open fire BBQ. The restaurant becomes very romantic and serene during the evening. The candles will be lit, soft music will be playing and you’ll hear the waves lapping at the shore where the restaurant sits by the ocean. Take your time to relax and enjoy the most delicious food and the fantastic service, and definitely try and fit the chocolate pudding in for dessert – it’s absolutely divine!

Finish your evening with romantic moonlight views over the bay and pool from the rooftop platform above the restaurant, perch on the swings by the beach bar or head to the lounge and relax on the big sofas with some more cocktails – perfect time for cold Prosecco, an icy Margarita or a minty Mojito! Sit down, relax, and discuss your day and the plans you have for the next.

Oh Jashita, just looking back over these photos it’s safe to say you’ve won our hearts once again. We have absolutely no faults with the hotel or restaurant, and this is by far the best place we’ve ever stayed, nothing has compared to this since! The service you’ll receive here is second to none, right from the concierge desk where you’re greeted like old friends, to the restaurant and hotel owners checking everything is going perfectly with your stay. The only words I can use to describe this hotel are – Tranquil Paradise. I’m sure if you ever visit you’ll know exactly what we mean! We’ll be back Jashita, we just cannot stay away!