Where to eat in Tulum – Mezzanine

📍 Mezzanine, Next to Las Palmas Beach, Tulum, Mexico.

We’re back on the Thai food hunt – welcome to Mezzanine, one of the most gorgeous hotels and restaurants in Tulum.

The first thing that you’re greeted with as you enter this hotel and restaurant is the gorgeous view of the Caribbean Ocean – This is by far one of the best dinner views here in Tulum and the food makes it even more special. They offer a casual beach menu during the day and the most gorgeous Thai food in the evening! If you’re coming for an evening meal, the sunset is absolutely gorgeous but it has a tendency to be a little windy so do bring something to cover your shoulders!

After a good long while admiring the view and sipping our Margaritas, we ordered our starters. Having been here before we knew we wanted the Chicken Satay – the peanut sauce here is so moreish, sweet with a little kick and the most succulent chicken – We could easily have polished off one of these each. We had a look at what other people had ordered and decided to try the Fresh rolls – These were pork, rice noodles and vegetables wrapped in rice paper with a thinner spicier peanut dipping sauce. Absolutely gorgeous! So glad we tried these, apart from being super colourful, they were really fresh (hence the name) and so simple, full to the brim and yet so tasty. A really fulfilling starter! You could even have these as a main for one person.

Now – The steak you see above – This is my absolute favourite Thai meal – Crying Tiger. Normally served with strip cut steak I was delighted to see this brought up on the plate! A 350 g Thai marinated ribeye steak, beautiful fluffy rice, a tropical mango and avocado salad & spicy soy sauce. Naturally we shared our mains between us – but this was by far the star of the show for me. The steak was cooked perfectly medium, with so much flavour where it had been marinated. The mango salad cut right through the spicy soy sauce which we poured all over the steak to really let that salty umami flavour out. Just perfection!

We teamed this with the Soom Tam – Sticky sweet spicy coated fried beef strips with a green papaya and tomato salad and beautifully sticky coconut rice. The beef was really tender and cooked perfectly with the sticky sauce and the papaya salad gave a little kick and spice to tone down the sweetness of the sticky rice. This was plenty of food for the two of us having devoured the starters, and after filling up we sipped on some more Margaritas and admired the gorgeous sunset from the decking.

With six different types of Margarita to choose from here and so many other cocktails, there’s something for everyone! We highly recommend the Golden Margarita, the Raspberry Mint Margarita and the Thai Margarita – something a little different and herbal which was really new!

Overall Mezzanine is one of our favourite restaurants in Tulum offering fantastic views during dinner, a great cocktail selection, beautiful and authentic Thai food, really friendly waiters and waitresses and a beautiful, laid back relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the wonderful food.