The best places to visit in Tulum.

📍 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

We experienced so many wonderful things here in Tulum it would be rude for us not to share some Hotspots with you!

Our top tips for things to do and places to go in Tulum:

Number 1. The Tulum Ruins

📍 Tulum Ruins, Tulum, Mexico.

The first tip we can give you about visiting the Tulum ruins is grab your breakfast and head here early! Doors open at 8AM, so come and catch the natural beauty of this site before the bus loads of tourists come in! You’ll appreciate the open walkways, the peace and quiet and all the massive Iguanas waking up to sunbathe dotted around the park.

ABSOLUTELY bring a hat, sun protection and plenty of water! It’s hot in the Mexican sun, and while there are spots to relax under trees, for the majority of the time you’ll be walking around in the sun! Plenty of water is key, but you’ll find as the ruins are set quite high up there’s a gorgeous breeze blowing in off of the Caribbean Ocean. The biggest structure here is aptly named The Temple of the Wind Gods – and with very good reason!

Fee’s to get in are $65 Pesos or around £2.30 which is an absolute bargain for what you’ll experience here! We couldn’t recommend a trip here more!

Number 2. Taqueria Honorio

📍 Taqueria Honorio, Tulum Pueblo.

This is THE hotspot to get your authentic handmade Tacos in Tulum. It’s a completely unassuming roadside Taco joint right in the heart of Tulum town, and if you weren’t looking for it you’d probably miss it! This little restaurant is it’s 5* rated on Tripadvisor and here’s why!

Tacos are $15 Pesos each…. this is just 50p here in the UK. The absolute biggest bargain we had on the whole trip and one of the most satisfying meals. They’ll lay out all of your fillings and extras in the middle of the table to share and load your tacos up! When we arrived it was BUSY, full of locals and tourists! Two kinds of meat fillings left to chose from – Pork Lehon and Pork Pibil. Lehon is the pig thats roasted over hot coals or in a brick oven overnight. The Pibil is marinated sour oranges and achiote seasoning to make the meat super tender.

You sit communally on tables of 4, 6 and 8, and you’ll meet people from all over the world here who have the same idea you do. To eat the most delicious traditional tacos and take in the atmosphere. We got here around 1PM – far too late! There’s normally more on the menu but these Tacos sell out FAST so get here as early as you can to enjoy everything!

Number 3. Gran Cenote

📍 Gran Cenote, Tulum, Mexico.

A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes the groundwater underneath. You’ll find open water cenotes, cenotes set in caves, cenotes with all sorts of wildlife and they’re being discovered all the time in Tulum. There are quite literally hundreds of Cenotes dotted around the Tulum region, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to experience such a unique natural phenomenon.

Located around a 10-15 minute drive outside of Tulum’s Pueblo, Gran Cenote is your perfect opportunity to cool off from the hot sun! This is the most popular cenote in Tulum, so we would again recommend you come early to take in its natural beauty without the hustle and bustle of tourists. Now this Cenote has two different entrances, is made up of multiple caves and the water here is so clear it gives you the perfect opportunity to snorkel and see the beautiful wildlife! Think lots of fish, bats and little turtles. It’s perfect for those less confident swimmers too as there are shallower areas which are sandy under foot but still within this amazing natural wonder.

Entrance fee is $180 Pesos – so around £6.30 with extra fees for lockers and snorkelling equipment, and is open from 8am until 4.45pm with last entrances around 4pm.

Number 4. Zamas Hotel and Restaurant.

📍 Zamas, Beach Road, Tulum, Mexico

When you’ve swam off your tacos and you’re ready for a little rest, we’d highly suggest making a stop by Zamas. We’ve written about this place before on The London Food Edit as we loved it so much, and we think it’s the most perfect little foodie spot right on the ocean.

The staff are so friendly you’ll want to stay, the food is just to die for and if you can fit more Tacos in, this is the place to have them. They have fantastic margaritas here too, perfectly refreshing and a great way to cool down from the midday sun!

There’s so much to see and do in Tulum you won’t ever find yourself stuck or bored or pining for something to do. The natural scenery here is just beautiful, the beaches are stunning, there’s so many fantastic restaurants and bars, great nightlife, gorgeous little boutique shops and little food stalls – your possibilities are endless!