A complete guide – Our top Tulum tips!

📍 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Having been to Tulum twice now, and spending two weeks here each time, we’ve got some helpful tips and information to share with you all!

It’s clear to see that tourism is absolutely on the rise here, and we noticed a difference from one year to the next. For us Tulum is definitely special, it feels a lot more laid back and relaxed than Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, the people are so kind, and you gt the best of both worlds with an adventurous beach meets jungle vibe! You’ll notice all the beautiful little boutique shops, and rustic style restaurants, and what we love is that a lot of the businesses set up here, whether it’s hotels or restaurants, have kept the jungle in mind and used the natural beauty of Tulum to bring so much character to their places without spoiling the landscape and wildlife!

There’s so much to do in Tulum, whether you’re here for the absolutely fantastic food, to take in the beauty in it’s nature and wildlife, whether you’re going to a yoga retreat or relaxing in the spas, you’re going to spend your days on the beach or you’ve come to Tulum for its nightlife, we guarantee there will be something here to suit your every whim.

So lets get started with out top tips.

Some quick basic tips before we get stuck in:

  • English is spoken quite commonly here but do make the effort to brush up on some key phrases before you go – more so to be polite and show willing than anything, and the people you’re interacting with will appreciate you trying!
  • The main currency here is Pesos, but US Dollars are widely accepted too.
  • You’ll find that cash is the most common way to pay here, so make sure you bring enough with you as most places, particularly small restaurants and boutiques, may not have credit card payments available!
  • UK citizens will not need a visa to gain entry to Mexico, and most fees for leaving the country are already added to your travel bookings.
  • You CANNOT drink the tap water in Tulum – make sure that any water you drink is bottled and sealed properly. The same goes for ice – most restaurants and hotels will have filtered water for ice but there’s no harm in checking just in case.
  • Check with your local doctors or Boots shops about the jabs and top-ups you may need before you come here. We’ve had several already but we needed top ups before we travelled.
  • This tip goes for any trip, but make sure you have your travel insurance ready before you travel to cover your trip in case of any accidents or mishaps.

How do I get to Tulum?

The easiest way to reach Tulum is to fly directly to Cancun. There are non stop flights by British Airways from Gatwick and Heathrow several times a week and it takes around 10 hours. Most hotels offer a pick up and drop off service to and from the airport so get in touch with your hotel before you go and arrange your booking, or simply take a taxi from the airport. It’s quite expensive as it’s around a 90 minute drive from the airport to the heart of Tulum so be prepared to fork out a little for this part of the trip but boy is it worth it!

When should I visit Tulum?

We’ve always travelled to Mexico in March – this tends to be the driest month of the year here and you can expect temperatures in the high 20’s and low 30’s, we’ve experienced mid 30’s at this time of the year too, and do bear in mind it can get quite humid. The five month period from November to March is generally the best time to visit. It’ll be a bit busier with tourists travelling for their winter getaways but it’s a welcome change from the cold wet weather in the UK during this time!

What should I pack?

  • A high SPF – we’re talking 30 or higher here, the beating sun in Tulum is no joke and the last thing you want is painful sunburn!
  • Inspect Repellent and bite cream- something with Deet in as the mozzies here love a little snack in the evening.
  • With the two items above – before you enter any kind of Cenote or natural habitat with water be sure to shower these off to protect the wildlife. Most places will require this anyway and there are plenty of natural wildlife friendly products to protect you and help the surroundings at the same time.
  • Plenty of bikinis and bathing suits – it’s hot! And you’ll want as little on as possible to nip in and out of the pool for a dip.
  • Lightweight cover ups – It can get a little windy in the evening in Tulum once the tide turns, and with most places being ocean front something to put round your shoulders is a great idea, and to keep those pesky mozzies at bay!
  • A good mix of casual and dressier clothing and shoes – for lazy days and for when you venture out at night to romantic restaurants.
  • Sunglasses are an absolute must!
  • Any and all medication you may need – including Imodium just in case anything happens with food and drinks.

How do I get around?

The most common forms of transport here are Taxis and Bicycles. You’ll find taxis are everywhere and please MAKE SURE to check the price of your trip with your driver before you get in. Bicycles and mopeds are available to rent in Tulum town at several different locations. But please be careful, the Beach Road is generally very busy and there are lots of people travelling around. It’s around a 25 minute cycle or 10 minute taxi from Tulum Town to the Beach. Do bear in mind that cycling at night is generally a bad idea as street lighting is minimal and the roads are full of speed bumps and potholes.

How much does everything cost?

We were spending around $2000 to $2500 pesos a day whilst in Tulum – around £70 to £85. Breakfast was included in the price of our hotel, but for lunches, any travel costs, excursions and dinners we thought this was very manageable and reasonable given the quality of everything we experienced! Always best to check at your hotel if there are any hot spots they may recommend nearby, or tips to help you get around and a general cost of taxis from one place to another.

With all this is mind – HAVE FUN! Tulum is an absolutely beautiful destination, I’m absolutely sure we’ll be back here again. I always find it best to research as much about your destination as you can before you travel. Note down all the places you want to visit, local hot spots, restaurants for lunch and dinner, any travel plans or excursions you may need to book beforehand, and then put together a small itinerary for your trip to make sure you don’t miss anything out! Now go on, Tulum awaits you with open arms!