Where to eat in Las Vegas – VooDoo Steakhouse

📍 VooDoo steakhouse – The Rio Hotel, Las Vegas

VooDoo should absolutely be on your list if you’re heading to Las Vegas!

Perched up on the 50th floor of The Rio hotel, VooDoo isn’t your run of the mill steakhouse! Aside from the amazing views of The Strip from every window, the open rooftop club you can venture upstairs to once you’ve devoured your steak and a zip line 500ft in the air and the fastest in all of Vegas, this is THE place to fill your belly with the most gorgeous steak!

This was the second time I’d been here, the first celebrating my Uncles 70th birthday with all of the family, and I knew from then I had to come back with Mike and let him experience the unforgettableness of this place. It’s good for any occasion – Birthday celebrations, a quiet couples dinner or a big work do, as many tables were large and filled with excited patrons. It is noisy, be warned but it all adds to the fantastic atmosphere of the place!

If you have to wait a little while for your table, definitely stop and get a drink first at the bar – you won’t believe the amount of everything they have behind there! The cocktails are hand crafted and absolutely divine, and I’m sure they can make whatever you’re craving before your dinner!

Now for the good stuff!!

I wouldn’t suggest a starter here – you’ll be full to the brim with steak and you don’t want to leave a scrap it’s so delicious!

I opted for the Wagyu Ribeye, weighing in at 12oz, and boy was this something special! Cooked just a little under medium, my knife practically fell through the steak as I was eating it, the rendered fat really added so much favour too, this was undeniably the best steak I’d ever had! It was absolutely massive, we’re talking nearly a plate full of just meat.

Mike opted for the 10oz filet – again absolutely gorgeous. He prefers a really meaty steak with not much fat so this was the perfect choice for him. Also cooked a little under medium and slicing so easily with every bite, he could see why I’d brought him here and agreed this was one of the best steaks he’d ever eaten!

We had a few sides to share between us, and the waiters will give you their advice on which sides pair well with each steak! We had the asparagus with truffle creme fraiche which was absolutely gorgeous and very complimentary – Cooked al dente with a nice bite, and it cut right through the meaty flavours, a little palette cleanser before your next bite of steak. To pair with the asparagus we had the VooDoo wedges, cooked with truffle oil, parmesan and garlic. You absolutely cannot have steak without some form of potato in our eyes, and these wedges really hit the spot! Crispy on the outside, covered with cheese and truffle oil but soft and fluffy in the middle, perfection!

You may have to stay a while after your food – we were absolutely stuffed full after but we still managed to share a dessert and opted for the Crème brûlée. So beautifully creamy and not too rich, perfectly crunchy and caramelised on the top, heavenly and creamy inside, the perfect way to finish a wonderful meal.

Once you’re done with your steak make sure to head upstairs to dance the night away (or dance off some of the calories!) with some of the best views of The Strip and a few more cocktails to finish the night!

VooDoo should absolutely be on the Vegas visit list for any steak lover!