Cow and Pig, Bromley

📍 Cow and Pig, East St, Bromley.

This is definitely a local haunt for us – we keep going back! Now I know this blog looks a little steak heavy, but if it’s on the menu and a speciality I’ll likely be having it! Especially if the restaurant is named ‘Cow and Pig’!

The first thing that strikes you as you walk in is the beautiful decor – rustic, bright and eye catching, a lovely atmosphere to eat in! Then a warm greeting by the hosts which never goes a miss!

Next thing that cries out temptation is their extensive cocktail menu – there literally will be something for everyone, every different taste for cocktails is covered here and handmade at the bar with care!

But on to the main show – the food! We never feel the need for a starter in here, although always tempted, I love the deserts in here more so saving room for afters is highly important! The menu itself isn’t over crowded – but is very well put together! Burgers, Pies and Steaks all taking the top ranks here – the pictures above really speak for themselves, but there are vegetarian options all over the menu too!

Succulent juicy steaks, cooked perfectly and to how you’d like it, big chunky chips to accompany and to dip in their yummy sauces – I’m generally a Peppercorn girl but the Béarnaise here is creamy and cuts through that meaty steak flavour beautifully – perfect for dippy chippys too! The burger is always a winner – A big juicy patty – a blend of rib-eye and fillet for the ultimate flavour (absolutely true), a soft brioche bun to hold it all together, and a bun that doesn’t go soggy with the juice of the burger. The homemade burger sauce tops it all off! Served again with chunky chips to wipe up all the juice and sauce left on the plate – or if you’re feeling cheeky, share your partners steak sauce (or ask them to order an extra one just for the chips!)

Cow and Pig is definitely a local gem for us, a place we’ll always return to, and somewhere we’re never been disappointed to go back to! If you are planning to make a visit I’d generally book on Fridays and Saturdays, and would definitely stop in for the Sunday Roast but make sure to book again!