Where to eat in Tulum – Zamas

📍 Zamas, Beach Road, Tulum, Mexico

Let me start by saying just this: These are our favourite Tacos in Tulum!

We absolutely fell in love with Tulum when we came in 2019, and have been back again in early March of this year! Both times in search of paradise, hot sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery and wildlife, a bit of adventure, many many Margaritas and fantastic food.

Zamas was top on our agenda, and we came here after a long hot trek around the Tulum Ruins nearby. In search of shade and some cocktails we took our seats at our multi coloured table looking out over the Caribbean Ocean, a gentle breeze cooling us after being in the sunshine.

We were welcomed by the friendliest staff, always lovely to see when you’re in a country you don’t really know! They offered us their recommendations, but we knew we were here for Tacos and Margaritas!

The cocktails here are made fresh behind the bar with every order, Margaritas and Mojitos are just fantastic here, but there’s plenty of fresh juices and smoothies to suit everyone too if you’re after something cool and refreshing!

It was unfortunate both times we visited that they didn’t have the Fish Tacos (my absolute favourite and I can’t resist them!) so we opted for:

POLLO PIBIL with avocado-tomatillo salsa, pineapple salsa, pickled onion.
CARNITAS with charred pineapple, pickled onion, chipotle orange aioli.

AND THEY WERE FANTASTIC! (so much so I’m absolutely sure we could have eaten another 4 each!!)

You get four tacos with each order, so we ordered one plate each and shared them between us. I cannot stress how fresh these tacos are. Absolutely bursting with flavour, really succulent juicy meat, beautiful accompanying ingredients with each. The pineapple salsa with the chicken tacos was particularly delicious and the charred pineapple with the pork really added a deep sweetness with the kick of the chipotle aioli.

Zamas is such a beautiful little hotel and restaurant, really chilled out, relaxing and great for a quick lunch stop while exploring the beach road or come for dinner and watch the sun set from the deck with a few Margaritas!

We love you Zamas! Thank you for the fantastic food and service!! We’ll definitely be back once this is all over!