Where to eat in Las Vegas – Hooters!

📍 Hooters – OYO Hotel, Las Vegas

Are you a chicken wing lover? Then Hooters is the place for you!

Based at the OYO Hotel formerly the Hooters Hotel just along from the MGM Grand and the Tropicana – it’s a bit of a hidden gem in our eyes! Tucked away at the back of the casino you have Hooters – a sports bar fast food restaurant hybrid! And boy does it please!

We think this is THE place for wings, and you can have quite literally any style or flavour you’d like! We LOVE hot wings, and these ones don’t disappoint! You can spice them right up to how you’d like – the ones pictured are ‘HOT’ – so somewhere in the middle of the heat scale.

We definitely recommend wings coated with the Daytona Beach signature sauce which is just gorgeous, good naked and coated – sweet and just a little spicy! Absolutely try the BBQ, either coated wings or naked, both are absolutely delicious and incredibly moreish! The great thing here is they aren’t skimpy with the sauce, your wings will be fully coated! Wet wipes provided! If you’re hungry for a third round try the Samurai Teryaki sauce which is sticky sweet and zesty!

If we’re feeling really naughty (which we normally are) we’ll order a side of curly fries to! Cooked crispy on the outside with fluffy centres – perfect for dipping! Somewhat a novelty for us as you don’t often get them here in the UK so any chance we get in the US we’ll order them, if we can fit them in of course!

10 wings come in around $14.00 – $16.00 which is fabulous value for money as you won’t leave hungry by any stretch. You’re quite likely to have no problems getting a table around lunch time – dinner time you might be lucky but best reserve a table ahead of time if you can to avoid wing disappointment!

And please, don’t forget to tip your lovely waitress!! x