Weekend Brunch at Darwin Brasserie – The Sky Garden

📍 Darwin Brasserie, The Sky Garden, London

Who doesn’t love a brunch?

The Sky Garden is now one of London’s most recognisable landmarks and perched up on level 36 is the Darwin Brasserie. With far reaching views of London and incredible food, we couldn’t recommend this place more for a weekend treat! So grab your Mimosas and I’ll talk you through our brunch experience 36 floors up!

I know I always say it, but come hungry!

We didn’t bother with starters here and jumped straight in for the main courses! In typical brunch tradition, Mike wanted eggs and went for the Duck Benedict. Super rich and delicious – perfectly runny poached eggs with the most gorgeous dark yellow yolks I’ve seen! Lightly spiced roasted potato with just a little kick that left a hum on the tongue, and the most unctuous confit duck all smothered in buttery hollandaise sauce. Not for the faint of heart, but gorgeously rich and filling!

I’d opted for the Roast Pork Belly served with mustard mash, spring greens and a Suffolk cider jus. This trumped Mikes Duck Benedict for sure. Pork Belly is a favourite of mine, and I’ve seen it done fantastically well and not well at all. This was near on perfect, the pork belly was falling apart as I tucked in! Not at all dry, packed full of flavour and with a generous amount of crispy crackling. All accompanied by creamy mustardy mash that wasn’t at all thin and watery or super smooth, but a little more on the rustic side which is how I like it! The greens were lovely, not over cooked to the point of being watery but giving nice bit of bite and tanginess and a gorgeous jus to tie it all together.

I think any meal would be lovely eaten here. There were certainly lots of birthday’s and celebrations happening when we were there too, and the views are unforgettable. As admission to the Sky Garden is free it’s definitely worth a visit anyway, but tying it in with a fabulous meal as well tops everything off. If you do come, have a walk around and admire London in all of its glory, the luscious plant life, and have another cheeky cocktail before you come down.

Definitely one for a memorable meal with a spectacular view of London.