Brunch at Duck & Waffle

📍 Duck & Waffle, Liverpool Street, London

We’re back at brunch! And a Sunday brunch this time, 40 floors up!

I’m absolutely sure you’ve seen a lot about Duck & Waffle or heard people talking about it or you’ve even been yourself already! We absolutely LOVE this restaurant, and we love Duck & Waffle local near Piccadilly Circus too. If you want spectacular food, fantastic cocktails and a view to boot then this is the place for you.

Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays between 11:30 AM and 5 PM and has an exclusive menu of dishes you cannot order at other times.

Take the corn ribs above – these are definitely special! The tangy, spicy sticky sauce goes so well with the juicy kernels! These even turned Mike’s head, who doesn’t like corn… but he definitely dug in! Absolutely one to try if you come for brunch here, but we’d also recommend the BBQ spiced crispy pigs ears too. Think pork crackling but 1000% more tasty and moreish, served in their own grab bag and sealed for approval waiting for your first mouthful!

The obvious choice for your mains here is of course the Duck & Waffle. The crispy confit duck leg you’re served is definitely memorable. It just falls off the bone, tons of meat, cooked beautifully so it’s still soft but a nice bit of crisp and crunch from the fat on the outside. Egg porn alert! The most perfect, unctuous, golden, rich, runny egg you’ll most likely every have. The waffle is as light as air, and you may think it seems a bit dry with so little sauce. Absolutely not, the mustard maple syrup is perfect to tie everything together. A fantastic mix of savoury and sweet, its all a perfectly paired together really for brunch here or any time of day. I’ve had this in the morning, for lunch and at 2AM after a night out. It’s good at all times of the day!

Cocktails to go with your brunch? Try the Breakfast Fizz, the Reformed Pornstar and the Duck & Stormy.

I wont give any of the views away here, I’ll leave that for you to discover and marvel over. Duck & Waffle is a solid choice at any time of day. It’s been fantastic all three times we’ve been and I’m sure it wont be the last for us! It’s a great place for any occasion – Birthdays, brunch dates, intimate romantic dates, lunches with friends and a 2AM stop off when you fancy something delish on the way home from a night out!