Blacklock – The City, Soho and Shoreditch.

­čôŹ┬áBlacklock, The City, London

­čôŹ┬áBlacklock, Soho, London

­čôŹ┬áBlacklock, Shoreditch, London

Any meat lovers in the house? These restaurants are for you!

With three Blacklocks dotted over London you’ve got a good choice of location. Shoreditch and The City are our favourites. Shoreditch tends to be quite busy and buzzy, a really lively atmosphere, and The City branch is a little more intimate and really good for a date night!

Not sure what to pick from their extensive meat menu?

Why not go ALL IN! Generally for two people to share and at ┬ú20 p/person which is spectacular value for money for what you are presented with it’s well worth doing! Here you get Beef, Pork and Lamb skinny chops, and the absolutely unforgettable meaty bread that its all piled on. The meat juices soak right in to the bread… heavenly! We’ve seen people order extra portions of this because they love it so much!

They will have a board in each restaurant with various different cuts of steak at different weights for you to chose from. The Porterhouse steak pictured was just perfect, succulent, full of flavour, buttery soft and absolutely delicious. As a rule of thumb, Porterhouse steaks are cut from the short loin – these steaks are from the behind of the cow and include a tenderloin steak which is generally the most tender cut of beef you can get and a large strip steak. Really good to share if one of you prefers a meatier cut and the other a fattier cut. If you’re unsure about which to go for, just ask the waiters and waitresses, they’re so helpful and can give you all the info you need!

Definitely order some sides if you’re sharing your meat plate! The Beef Dripping chips are the perfect accompaniment to all the meats, as is the Ash Roasted sweet potato – think super crispy skin and soft fluffy insides! The barbecued baby gem lettuce is a treat, and the anchovy dressing cuts right through the meaty flavours for a welcome palette cleanser! We always order a few sauces too – they’re all good! A classic Bearnaise for dippy chips and a buttery finish, the chop sauce is gorgeous with steak too.

Overall a really good chain of restaurants and consistently good quality. Blacklock is a great choice for a Friday and Saturday night dinners with friends or a more intimate date night for two.

Definitely book your spots, they’re always busy!