Randy’s Wing Bar

📍 30 Minories, London EC3N 1DD

Yes… I’m a chicken wing lover… One of my guilty pleasures in life is a cracking good chicken wing! Randy’s Wing Bar is the place for wing lovers in London! Serving up no less than seven different wing varieties, three different types of chicken burger with a vegan option, loaded fries and sides there’s sure to be something for every winger out there!

For the flavour lovers find the wing breakdown below:

Traditional Buffalo style wings with a truffle blue cheese sauce.

The Extra hot buffalo wings for those brave enough to try it (the waiter cautiously said it isn’t for the faint of heart so we heeded his good advice and stuck to the traditional).

Kansas style fried and grilled with their secret BBQ sauce.

Gangnam Style Korean inspired wings with a sweet and sticky sauce (I dare you not to have the song in your head after reading this).

Casablanca Style Harissa infused, slow cooked and grilled with sumac onions, pomegranate seeds honey and a mint dressing.

Gong Bao Crispy fried wings with a pickled pineapple, coriander and sichuan pepper sauce.

And Gravy Train American Fried chicken with a cheddar cheese sauce, chives and secret recipe chicken gravy (that was absolutely delicious I may add).

But we were here for the star of the show – The Chicken Wing afternoon tea! At the fantastic price of £40.00 included are – one of each wing (it’ll include the normal buffalo style unless you stipulate you’d like the extra hot!) Two Chicken burgers, two lots of loaded fries, homemade coleslaw and pickles, beautiful in house made brownies with a sweet sticky toffee sauce and a glass of prosecco, wine or a pint of beer.

I don’t know what more I can say other than come hungry – Of course we polished off the lot and were commended for our efforts afterwards – but I’m sure any leftovers can be doggy bagged and taken home for later. The wings themselves are delicious, and the flavour varieties are fantastic, when you’re presented with them all you really get the full experience! The burgers we’re beautifully loaded, juicy and quite frankly didn’t last long enough. The brownies were just the touch to end and complimented the savouriness of the platter, finishing the meal off with a little sweet treat! You do have to book the afternoon tea in advance but my gosh it it worth it!! You definitely wont be leaving hungry that’s for sure. The staff are all incredibly friendly and helpful, big screens showing sports games and a relaxed atmosphere. All in all we had a fantastic meal, and for £40.00 you really can’t go wrong,

Check out their Instagram here – no drooling please!